smart led slingbag

smart led slingbag

Smart LED Pixel Art Slingbag

A Smart and Unique Slingbag

Ciqa2 is a bag with smart technology in it. Shown with colored LED lights that can be adjusted with the application, Ciqa2 is ready to help in your daily life style.

  • Color : Back and Grey
  • Dimensions : 23 x 11 x 31cm
  • Widget : Time is matter! Clock, Stopwatch, Timer & Scoreboard features
  • Remote : Smart Sign feature. You can use manually or automatically to give signal when cycling.
  • Games : Play pixelart games with your friends
  • Design : Bring out your creative side by creating your own pixel art designs!
  • Upload GIF : Upload and show the GIF animation you have
  • Text : Show your own words with running text

Rp. 990.000,-

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smart bag for travel

Ciqa2 Bag is suitable for almost everyone: People who like cycling, usually have outdoor activities, or those who want to look different from the others.

Ciqa2 is a unique bag that embeds smart technology inside. With colored LED lights that can be controlled with an application, Ciqa2 is ready to express the feelings & mood you want to display.

smart led bag apps

Bag Details


smart led bag storage

Ciqa2 can controlled by applications via Bluetooth connection and can make it easier for you to explore the features of ciqa2.

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